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Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

Suntech Power limited supplies both submersible solar pumps and solar surface pumps that can be used in wells, dams, lakes, rivers, underground storage tanks and boreholes. 

We also convert existing AC water pumps into solar pumping solutions by incorporation of solar pump inverters.

Our solar water pumping solutions and solar pump prices and very competitive in the Kenyan market.

Suntech solar pumping systems contains; Solar panels, Solar pumps, Installation accessories, and Solar pump inverters.

Types of Solar Water Pumps

Solar (DC) surface Pumps

solar Pump



  • ★Permanent magnetic DC Brushless Motor.

  • ★Electrophoresis for motor and pump body.

  • ★NSK bearing.

  • ★Silicon carbide mechanical seal.

  • ★Motor efficiency improved by 15%-30%.

  • ★Maximum head 30m
  • ★Flow rate of 2.1 m³/h
  • ★Voltage of 24v and 370W power

Solar (DC) Submersible pumps

Solar Pumps



  • ★Wide variety available
  • ★Screw pumps
  • ★Stainless steel pumps
  • ★Maximum head of up to 220m
  • ★Flow rate of up to 5.9m³/h
  • ★Voltage of 24v, 48v and 96v.
  • ★Power of 400w, 600w and 2200w
  • ★Outlet size of up to 1.5″

Why choose Suntech Solar Water pumps?

Suntech solar pumping solutions run entirely on solar power therefore there are no recurring costs.

They require minimal maintenance, thus saves on money in the long run.

There have been an increase in the uptake of solar pumping solutions in Kenya which has resulted in high agricultural yields in areas that experience low rainfalls.


We supply a wide variety of solar water pumps with different specifications thus making the solution affordable and flexible.

Suntech solar water pumps have the following benefits;


1. Farmer is able to cultivate all year long.

2. They are easy to operate

3. The solar pumps have no recurrent costs

4. They are DC thus do not require any fuel or electricity to operate

5. Low maintenance costs as solar water pumps have fewer moving parts

6. No chances of water/soil contamination caused by lubricants

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