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Solar Water Heaters

Our Suntech Solar water heating systems consist of various components working together to heat water and keep the water hot.


The type of solar system recommended depends of the location of the residential or commercial site as well as the quality of water used.


Choosing the wrong product will affect how long the solar water heater lasts and the efficiency of the serves received. We therefore, stocks a variety of solar systems to suit the different needs, budgets and specifications.

Suntech Solar Power

Suntech Solar supplies solar water heaters for salty waters, for domestic and commercial use, solar water heating solutions for fresh water, and for hot and cold regions as well.

We offer the best solar water heater prices in Kenya with quality in mind. Our solar  prices are very competitive and flexible.

Why Choose Suntech Solar Water Heating systems

1. Guarantees savings: One can save up to 65% on electricity bills with Suntech solar water heater!

2. Ease of installation: Our systems can be installed at different points depending on the site. Could be on a ground-mounted structure, on the  roof or at a central point with the ability to distribute water to neighboring buildings.

3. Economical: Suntech Solar supplies high quality water heating systems at the best market prices with  2 to 3 years money-back period on the initial amount of money spent. Solar water heaters are a worthy investment. Save with Suntech solar systems.

4. Long life span: The water heating systems are manufactured to withstand harsh operating environment in Africa lasting for over 15 years with minimal maintenance.

5. Environmentally friendly: Our solar water heater do not pollutant gasses.

6. Extended warranty period: Our solar water heating systems have a 5 year warranty on manufacturers defects and 12 months on workmanship.

7. Made of Stainless steel food grade material (304/316): Suntech Power Limited’s SWH are made of food grade material thus safe to supply hot water in to the kitchen area. 

8. Ease of usage: The systems are easy to install and do not need special training to manage after commissioning.

Difference between Direct & Indirect types of solar water heaters

Direct Solar Water Heating Systems:

These solar systems are designed to heat the water within the heat collection tubes. 

Better suited for cold regions and drinkable water (fresh water or non corrosive).

They heat water faster thus recommended for commercial establishments and sites with high demand for hot water.

Also called non pressurized solar water heaters, direct type is convenient and quite affordable.

Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems:

These solar systems that use the heat exchange method where copper rods transfer heat from the heat pipes to the water tank. 

They should be used when the water is salty or corrosive or hard.

Indirect SWH systems also called pressurized solar water heaters store hot water for longer. 


Both direct and indirect SWH systems are efficient and durable. 

Pressurized solar water heater
Solar water heaters
Non pressurized solar water heater
Solar water heaters

Applications of solar water heaters

1. Heating water for institutions such as schools, hospitals, hostels.

2. Source of hot water for industrial use such as laundry businesses, manufacturing companies, dairy processors.

3. Supplying domestic water heating needs.

4. Water heating in swimming pools.

Solar water heater
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